Cloud Framework for Web Applications



Nive is a Web development framework build as platform as a service – All components provide a web api – Extensive management dashboard – Focus on open web standards HTML and Javascript



100 % managed server components – Outsourcing server-side development – Long term backwards compatible APIs – Integrated platform including domain routing – Auto-scaling project hosting



Setup your domain – Develop mobile or desktop applications – Integrate Nive Components as needed – Or use components as standalone services – Deploy the domain with one click

Try it out: Notepad - Demo application

A simple cloud notepad for personal notes build on top of the platform. Try and see how it works from an end users point of view. Or have a look at the source codes.

Building web applications

The growing number and popularity of javascript frameworks makes it easy to build web applications with client-centric logic. Large parts of application specific code is no longer executed on the server but in the clients browser.

This platform is an integrated solution for such applications including server-side components, security, backend and routing. It works with any javascript framework or library like jQuery, AngularJS, EmberJS, Backbone and so on.

jQuery based javascript libraries for easier integration are already available. Modules for other frameworks will follow. The documentation also covers how to build http requests manually to interact with services.

Using components

The components provided by the platform can also be used as standalone services. For example you can use the DataStorage and UserAccount components to run a secure central online database. There is no restriction to use them with externally hosted or native applications.

Please note: This is a public prototype with only a limited set of components and functionality. Many features like custom domain routing, pushing git repositories or typed data storage is not supported yet. In other words flexibility is still quite limited. Also many security features like SSL or csrf-tokens are not activated yet.

More to come: service components and features will be extended continuously!

Have a look at the roadmap to find out what is coming up next.

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Notepad - New demo application

As result of one evening Nive hacking: A simple notepad for personal notes. Try it out or have a look at the source.


jQuery-wrapper libraries released

The js libraries are wrappers for the service apis build on jqueries $.ajax() call. Most $.ajax() options are supported.
New versions: jq-user-0.6.js, jq-filehost-0.6.js, jq-datastorage-0.6.js, endpoint-0.6.js
See the docs for details.


Platform update #3 - Documentation

Documentation and examples have been updated!


Platform update #2 - Website

The websites contents and styling have finally been updated!


Platform update #2 in progress

The platform will be updated step by step in the next few weeks!

The first part features better useability of the dashboard and backend interface. Also several bugfixes are inluded.

Github repositories moved!

01/02/14 > open

Outpost - alpha released

09/17/13 > open

Sign up for a developer account

The prototype is free, all you need is a developer account. Try out one of our example projects or create your own. Feedback is welcome.

Stay informed

New Twitter account @nive_framework!


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